The demanding combination of stick and rudder skill, planning, and preparation that aerobatic flight presents is unique in its ability to refine aviators. James offers aerobatic coaching for owners in their own airplane.

Upset Recovery

James can expose you to a variety of emergency procedures and upset recoveries to ensure your prompt and correct response when it really matters.


Embrace the rewarding challenge of tailwheel flying with confidence: James has instructed in some of the world's most challenging tailwheel airplanes. His comfort level and technical knowledge make him an ideal tailwheel instructor.


Put your airplane in hands you can trust. Experimental and aerobatic owners — including the North American Extra dealership — trust James to safely move their airplanes and train new owners.

James Jacobson


James has wide ranging experience in tailwheel and aerobatic operations — including ferrying brand-new Extra 300L and 330LX airplanes on behalf of the U.S. Extra Dealership, competing in the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships, and acting as a dedicated tailwheel and aerobatics instructor at the University of North Dakota. James has been blessed with the mentorship of dozens of pilots over the years — starting well before he was old enough to earn a license. In the aerobatics arena, his mentors have included some of the world's most respected aerobatic pilots. Today he teaches aerobatics and tailwheel flying to a variety of clients, including flight schools and private owners throughout North America.

 James is also an airline pilot on the CRJ series and an owner and media manager at Flight Apprentice, a company dedicated to promoting risk management, improving the ground training process, and mentoring new pilots.

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